Executive meeting

We arrive on board Executive late afternoon (our new home to cross the atlantic, a 73ft catamaran) and spend the evening getting acquainted with Ozzie.

The other crew aren’t about – the Czech couple have taken themselves off round the island and decided on another night away, and the Swedish couple have delayed their arrival till the 3rd. Huw gets some info about how all the boat systems work – Ozzie has tasked him with working out why his boat systems have kindly decided to stop talking to each other – so tomorrow will be a good day for that while the boat is still quiet.

Some wet stuff is falling from the sky today…. We have vague memories of what it is and relax knowing it’s not life threatening. A good day for chores. We’re at anchor in the bay rather than on a pontoon, this means the only way ashore is via the boats tender rather than a long walk along the floating pontoons – our means of escape up till now. A totally different view of our surroundings out here. The harbour is really busy with big cargo ships and even cruise ships and so the landscape is in constant flux – who needs telly!!!

Huw makes progress with the IT systems on board and Bernice busies herself as galley-slave (galley – boats kitchen) conjuring up a chilli for dinner later tonight.

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