Farewell Soufriere, farewell St Lucia :-(

We found a message from Fi yesterday evening on Facebook saying that Sulana was in the next bay and were we around. We had half a plan to squeeze a sulphur springs visit in this morning before checking out, but changed plans and are now up early and heading round to the beach in the hope of seeing her and saying goodbye. Rowan and Conny are also up for it but as they’re not leaving today they reckon they’ll probably stay on longer.

We get there by water taxi around 9am, aiming to return about 1130 with time to spare for a shower and change of clothes before heading off to the airport. Rowan and Conny investigate diving here and find it’s cheaper than the cove the other side of Soufriere who they went with yesterday and the wreck dive the want to do, these guys are going to today. Hhmm, we say our goodbyes as they won’t be back before we need to leave. We’ve had great fun with them and are all sad to say fairwell, but promise a trip to Canada sometime down the line.

It takes Fi until after 11am to get across to the beach to see us. Lots of admin held her back. Short and sweet but we do get a quick chat in before our water taxi returns. Another sad moment – we were supposed to have been spending NY with her and the others back in Rodney Bay. Oh well maybe we’ll see her in South America in a few weeks :0)

Back at the hotel showered and dressed, we check out and head for a bus with plenty of time to spare. It’s quite embarrassing. How to win over the locals! The bus driver rearranged (no joke) the whole mini bus to fit us and our bags along the back seat. As you can imagine, they weren’t that amused by that! We didn’t feel bad for too long as they were mostly all taking a short journey, guess he knew this, and we were going to the end of the line. In fact when we got to Vieux Fort, he dropped the remainder of the passengers off and then drove us the extra 3 or so miles round to the airport. What a star! Even with a bit extra added to our fare it still only cost us £10. Bargain. Quite an emotional journey. We’ve really had a great time here and pretty sure we’re going to miss it.

At check-in we discovered we hadn’t filled out the US “ESTA” form. This is required for immigration, a visa waiver kinda. If we’d been in the UK or indeed the US we’re sure we’d have been sent away to sort it out ourselves and that’d be that. Not St Lucia. Nope, the desk guy calls his colleague over who takes us out to the back office, sits us down and fills the form in online with us. Amazing!!

Arriving in Miami it’s a bit cold by comparison but still pretty mild, a long sleeve top is all we need. Immigration, as expected, is pretty tedious, although we’re not finger-printed or retina scanned as anticipated. Why? Because we’re already on file from our last visit, 10 years ago!!!

The hotel shuttle is only a few minutes wait and after checking in we decide we’re too tired to venture out. It would require a taxi (nobody walks anywhere!) and what’s the point in a budget priced hotel if we then blow a load on taxi’ing back and forth from town, especially being tired. So the hotel bar for food it is and amazingly we don’t actually get massive US portions!!!

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