Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hey it’s 2011. Believe it or not we did make brekkie! Just!
Which is more than we can say about Nathan and Donna :0) With no
sign of them afterwards and half a drunken plan to meet and walk to
the old city, we decide to put a note under their door and go for a
walk ourselves. That’s after another power nap obviously. We never
hear from them but manage to blow the cobwebs away all by ourselves
any way, not going as far as the old city of Casco Viejo, but take
a long walk along the promenade which is great and we treat
ourselves to a Perro Caliente! Back at the hostel we find them
recovering by the pool. Our walk was so much fun they set off to
replicate it while we take ourselves down to the bar to sort our
new netbook out. On our walk we’d found a domino pizza just near
the hostel and decide this is what we fancy for dinner. We all go
down, order, but return to the roof to eat it as it’s a much nicer
setting. A game of yahtzee afterwards finishes the day off

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