Finding Michael

There´s supposed to be wifi in this hostel but it´s proving elusive! We manage to get onto a static PC in the common area and see that Michael arrived yesterday evening as agreed and has stayed another night when he´s figured out what´s happened to us, he´s just out for the day. A shower and a freshen up we go for a walk up the high st, El Chalten is very small but there´s building work and expansion going on everywhere. This is the newest town in Argentina and only exists for climbers and walkers. We manage to provision for our planned, if delayed, overnight hike to Fitz Roy.

Other than re-grouping with our newly formed family from the past few days bus trip and having dinner at the hostel while we swap plans for tomorrow not a lot else of note happens today.  Everyone is exhausted. In the end we all agree to start the hike together tomorrow.

Wifi is officially pants here, it’s like the hostel want you to use their PC´s which we´ve since found out you need to pay to use (we must just have been lucky earlier)

Our new family include: Carlos, Rico and Mario (3 firemen from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria), Robbie (a girl from Milan); Josh and Elise (Vancouver); Nick (Bermuda); Sam & ?? (Belgium); Sarah (Luxembourg); Stephie (Switzerland); an Irish couple we never caught the name of; Thomas & Tina (Danish).

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