Open water virgins

Exciting day ahead – our first Open Water Dives  Bernice has even relaxed into it now!!

We meet Jenny this morning who’s taking us for our open water dives. She’s from Edinburgh, been here since August and spent loads of time diving in Thailand before coming here.

She’s pretty sound and we have a fun time. We do two dives. The first of which is called “The Airport” cause you guessed it, it’s at the end of the runway. Here we started in a shallow spot and completed some more skills
before going deeper to check out the sea life:
• Horizontal CESA (controlled emergency swimming ascent)
• Swimming underwater without mask
• Compass navigation – straight line
• Swimming with buddy´s alternate air supply
• Remove and refit weighs belt under water
• SORTED – sequence before dive commences. S = signal intention to dive. O = orientation, check above and below surface. R = regulator, replace snorkel with air supply. T = time. E = equalise. D = descend
• STARS – sequence before returning to the surface. S = signal intention. T = time. A = air, assume position for ascent with BCD raised to empty as needed and other hand for protection. R = rotate, check surroundings are clear for ascent

Bernice has some issues equalising and a bit of mask squeeze, going deeper but she gets there in the end.

The 2nd dive is at “Barka” a sunken ferry wreck to look at. Here we see a huge fat barracuda as well as some really pretty coloured fish. We thinks we ought to gen up a bit on fish types if we are to take this diving serious/further!!

Pretty tired by the end but chuffed too, we head back and after cleaning and stowing our gear head off to Spanish class.
Kayla Is back and on form. Revved up for tonights BBQ. A Friday regular and her turn to organise and cook. We promise to come along but not for a big session as we still have our last dives to do.

After class we head out to look for alternate accommodation. If we’re staying another week it’d be nice to have our own bathroom and not have to contend with all the wee beasties in the kitchen!!! Especially as currently there is no water! It stopped working around 6pm last night. There’s a guy in now looking at it, the pump is knackered, and it’s supposed to be up and running again by 6pm tonight.

So to our mission….. and short of door knocking and asking there’s no other way to find something else. We are just about to give up – on price – when we find one with rooms available Sunday, we can’t see it till tomorrow as they’re full just now, but we arrange to come back after diving tomorrow and go back for the BBQ relatively relaxed.

Back at base we realise the plan seems to be to sign up for bringing something to add to the group. We sign up for chorizo and ketchup! Bernice’s ears are pretty sore. We put ear drops in them, hoping to sort them out, and she takes a Piriton.

The evening is quite fun. There’s a big Panama v Costa Rica championship match on tv too which we watch half of. But good little baby divers that we are we have 2 beers and call it a night at a little after 10pm. You can’t drink and dive!!

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