Four Candles

We heard from Ignacio that the town zoo was worth a look. Designed by the same architect who designed the Berlin Zoo – that got flattened in WWII.

So after a walkabout in the Botanical gardens we spent the afternoon in the zoo. Its school summer holidays here so like visiting Legoland in August, well almost lots of short noisy people everywhere with their kids 🙂

The zoo itself was very run down, although you could imagine the splendour when it first opened. Lots of weird animals that we didn’t recognise as well as lots we did. You even got to feed some of them much to Bernice’s amusement. She was very good at waiting in turn 🙂

In need of some liquid reward for braving such a child infested environment for quite a few hours we headed back up past our apartment (zoo and gardens only a 15min walk from apartment) towards the bars and shops. Once rested and a few more groceries bought Bernice thought it about time she braved the local hardware store in search for a travel sink plug. Two counts of bravery in one day, on a roll or just plain dumb?!

Well this place was just like the shop in the Two Ronnies sketch (absolutely it was, ok maybe a bit more full of stuff) and Bernice’s experience was not far off the sketch either. (if you can’t remember, don’t know the gag: ) first she got presented with a multiple-way socket adaptor. Then she was shown a pipe fitting for under a sink. Then a basket for the sink (you know that collects all the gunk and bits). Then (when she said “complete” i.e. no holes) a whole pipe unit with drain and plug attached was brought out. Finally as she pulled at the plug in the bag and said just this she got a travel plug for the sink. A “tapón” obviously!! Hurrah!!!!

And all of that after she’d taken advice from Nathan and drew the guy a picture of exactly what she was after, not knowing the name in Spanish!!! What a hoot!

As we weren’t meeting up with Rocco (Ignacio’s school friend) tonight now we decided we’d go out for our 1st taster of Argentinean steak in a parrilla (traditional Argentinean restaurant where food is cooked on an open fire / BBQ). We picked a place a few blocks away that wasn’t touristy and had the BBQ visible so we could watch them cook our food. The prices blew us away. We still can’t get our heads round the exchange rate quickly. We had a steak for ~AR$65 each, sounds outrageously expensive They were huge. But that’s only about £10. Madness! The meal was lovely, we were good and had salad to share with them, rather than chips 😉

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