Freyed at the edges

Food shopping or the mountains proves difficult as there doesn’t appear to be much real choice. We end up buying supplies to make a risotto one night, pasta the next, porridge for brekkie and pate and crackers for lunches, with some chocolate thrown in for good measure. All this faffing and trying to pick up a hat for Huw into the bargain means we don´t actually get off the bus to start the hike till close to 2pm. But that’s ok, it doesn´t get dark till after 9pm and we squeezed lunch in while shopping so we should be fine as its only supposed to be at most a 6 hour hike.
The path starts off pretty gently. It´s mostly a very dry forest trail and we make plenty of stops for photographs, be sure to have a look in our gallery. Near the top there is a sign suggesting it would be good if we picked up a stick, Fi and Bernice were thinking it was to help with the walk as the terrain was going to get tougher. Huw on the other hand thought it was a request for firewood and decided to carry nearly a whole tree up!!
At the Refuge ( it´s pretty windy and very busy. The moon is high in the sky and casts amazing shadows on the rocks. We cook up our dinner and get chatting to some fellow hikers – Chris (Kiwi), Gerdien (Dutch) and Melanie (French). The girls are planning on doing the hop to the next refuge tomorrow night too, but the kiwi plans to go off down the hill the same day having visited it. As tomorrow is supposed to be a bit strenuous he´s a bit keen to intend what effectively is 2 days walk in one day.
We finish the day off with our favourite card game 🙂

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  1. Looks superb – this is what I imagined to be classic Patagonian landscape. Awesome.

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