Full speed ahead!

We both managed an hours nap before our 9pm shift. When we arrived on deck we had great wind and were flying along around 9 knots. This continued all of our shift, with wind speeds averaging around 24 knots, sometimes breaking the 10 knot barrier. It felt great. The moon up and no clouds in the sky to speak of. Nice…

We go off to sleep again at 12am and sleep well. So much so that when 6am comes round Bernice struggles to wake up and sneaks a further wee nap in while Huw goes up on deck to do his Muscle Beach exercises.

Muscle Beach, New Dawn stylie, has been in operation with varying degrees of commitment since leaving Las Palmas (in fact there were even some tentative initial sessions on Skyelark). Adam, Will and Huw have experimented with using 5 litre water bottles as weights on the aft deck: bicep curls and shoulder lifts ~ Huw holds the record for longest time in Magnus Magnusson crucifix pose, 70 secs đŸ˜‰ The back stay (rigging that secures mast to the back of the boat) chin-ups. But the real work is done in the cockpit as a means of keeping fit and staying awake during night watches. The routine is likely to be: press ups across the cockpit well, sit-ups/crunchies on the seat, tricep dips into the well, squats at the wheel, cockpit surfing (one and two legged) – like urban surfing but using the motion of the boat for added effect, whole body bridges across the well. However, we never stop looking for new innovations … Adam & Huw are experimenting with the companion way (the hatch and step to go down into the boat) on tricep dips. Early signs are that it a) hurts your hands b) v.hard c) terrifying on account of the long drop down into the saloon if you slip…!!!

By 8am everyone is up and ecstatic that we’ve kept the wind and speed all night. We start the day off with French toast (eggy bread, pan perdue). Got to get through all the eggs we’ve got somehow! Mmm mmm :0)

Just before the brekkie marathon we spot another yacht. It has a spinnaker flying and appears to be travelling north to south across our bow. We tried to make contact but no reply – in this strength wind they’re probably giving their full concentration to their spinnie. Or maybe just French. Oh, did we say that out loud??

As we write this Bernice, again, spots another yacht in the distance. Roughly the same place we initially saw the other one but further away. No spinnaker this time. It turns out to be another catamaran and over the course of the day we catch up and leave it for dust!

Another nap, lunch, sunbathing, gybe after dinner and that about sums up the day. The wind dies off a little but we still go into the evening averaging 6.5 knots. Over the 24 hr period till noon we notched up a wapping 192 Nm so all is good.

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