Go West!

Today we are catching the bus to Bariloche in the heart of the Argentine Lake District. As we have been full on tourists for the last couple of days we don’t have much planned other than catching up with the blog and a trip to the beach.

As it happens, the weather decides that the whole day is given over to blogging and general admin as by lunchtime it has clouded over and is threatening rain.

We spend a couple of hours after brekkie giving Federico the low down on how to crew on yachts – we really will have to stop being so helpful as all we are doing is increasing the competition for those crewing places 😉

Huw decides that the threat of rain constitutes ideal conditions to take one of the hostels mountain bikes out for a couple of hours. Federico suggests a trip to Punto Lomo the national park where we went to snorkel with the sea lions. It’s about 15km following the coastline along an unmade roads to the park. The ride is great if a bit tough – the unmade roads are part gravel, part sand, and so it is a struggle to find solid ground. This is made worse by the fact that being Argentina there is a constant stream of cars blasting past raising clouds of dust and more importantly using the best parts of the track.
Huw back and showered we head back along the sea front for the bus, having had our final taste of empanadas of course.
This time the bus is on time and much more comfy too. Different company. Our departure time is 930pm and expected arrival time in Bariloche 1030am tomorrow morning. Even the food is better on this trip, though sadly no bingo (apparently that’s just on the brazilian bus company)

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