Going loco in Acapulco

We arrive in Acapulco around 1630 which we find is actually 1730 – having gone back an hour for El Salvador we now go forward an hour for this area of Mexico even though it is further north west… we discover that Mexico has 3 time zones. We are not sure what zone our next stop will be in either.

Bernice has been having some issues with her contact lenses and this run into the marina was quite difficult, her eyes, especially the left, is stinging. The lenses are fine when she first puts them in but the time between that and them irritating is diminishing rapidly. She’s only had them in about 3 or 4 hours today. A checkup is in order at some point and she´ll just have to tolerate her glasses in the meantime, it´s only really an issue when it rains. At least with a sea strap on them they aren’t in danger of falling off her head into the drink.

Unfortunately we are unable to just fuel up and go again as immigration need to come visit (from the airport 2 hours away) and they are now closed for the day. Similarly the port office and customs are also shut, so it looks like we will be spending the night in Acapulco after all, tied up to the fuel dock. We aren’t allowed to leave the Marina, officially the boat, but they say it’s ok to visit the yacht clubs restaurant at the end of the pontoon.

So once we have secured everything up, had a compulsory celebratory beer and shower we go ashore as far as the end of the pontoon! The food isn’t spectacular and it’s funny that they try really hard to get us to choose the likes of cerviche and tuna off their menu. We know full well it won’t be as fresh or as nice as our line-caught and freshly prepared onboard equivalent. The other funny thing, though not surprising we guess, they have 2 menus at members prices (i.e. locals) and visitors prices (i.e. gringos).

It is extremely hot and muggy still and we probably have the worst nights sleep of the trip so far. We have a thunder storm followed by a mosi feast on Bernice. Rubbish!!

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