Going stark raving bongelero, never mind loco… time to leave!

There´s lots of rain in the night, which kinda clears the air a bit. Fingers crossed Richard makes an early trip to the ATM, ever hopeful, and as luck would have it the money has indeed cleared. We can get away as soon as the office opens. Or can we?! If only it was that simple. What with marina card machines not working and limits on cash withdrawals and bank accounts being naughty, it takes phone calls and multiple trips and attempts before we actually manage to pay for our extortionate marina fees ($238pn) plus fuel plus agent fees (still not sure what he did for his money). While Richard was trying to sort the admin out, Bernice uploads some blog entries very very slowly. (yes you’d think with fees like this they would have a decent connection wouldn’t you). She has to sit on a wall at the side of the yacht club restaurant hoping the connection holds!

But patience and humour (wearing a bit thin) allow us to hold it together and we manage to get away straight after lunch.

We have a pleasant exit from the marina and even get to sail (yes with no engines on) for oh about an hour maybe. Then it is motor sailing for maybe two hours before the weather closes right in and we have to change course to avoid a lightening storm. Bernice is just reeling in a fish as the system builds front and starboard, but it gets away at the last, not a very big one anyway we reckon. We still get some rain from the edge of the storm even after the change of course, but it´s watch change-over time so Bernice stays dry. Phew! Hard lines Richard!

Dinner is five bean chilli tonight and we’re hoping the rain is going to clear off and give us peace to enjoy it!!! Well it does but only as an interlude. Then resuming watches the weather gets interesting again, or naughty as Bernice likes to describe it. Throw into the mix bringing in a fish (yellow fin tuna 35-40cm) at last light unexpectedly when bringing in the line for the evening. Trying to gut it is about as much as is sensible as Richard bounces about on the bathing platform in fading light at shift change. The fish goes in a bucket of water till morning.

From then on in the whole night – especially Huw’s watch – we suffer squall after squall closely followed on both flanks it seems by lightening strikes. It’s like the clouds think we can’t see them and they’re just sneaking up behind us or breaking away from a nasty set that just past and lingering either side of us letting off burst after burst of mostly sheet lightening. It’s quite freaky. Not that they are real close, but close enough to rattle our cage all night.

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