Happy birthday wee man

Well the bus journey was pretty uneventful after the toilet stop. We arrived in Panama City at 6am as scheduled. It can be said the overnight bus is less painful than a day bus, but if you want to take in the scenery you’ll go in daylight.
At the bus station we went on a mission to find a brekkie place open and where we could while away a few hours unnoticed. We managed this in Niko’s cafe. It was ok nice if strong coffee, and ham and egg sarnies. Lovely. Though we both struggled having eat so much chicken last night!!!
We left there to go and make camp somewhere sensible for Bernice to get dome more local bus pictures. Huw stayed put while Bernice wandered off only to be told (thankfully after she’d took a few pic’s) she needed permission to take pictures of the buses. Oops!
A cash machine visit and an Internet cafe stop (wifi around but all passworded boo hoo) meant we got the blog finally up to date, well apart from photo’s which we hope to do at the airport. How exciting. Probably the 1st time on the trip, maybe….,
After that we wandered around the shops, best shopping centre in Panama. Twice we’ve visited, but both times (like today) we’ve been so early nothings been open. This time we’ve waited. Partly cause Huw wants to buy lenses and partly cause we now have time to kill – 14 hours from getting off the buss to getting on the plane to Argentina to be exact – so why not. It means chances each in the shop and watching the bags – the left luggage was expensive so we ruled against it.
Apart from the lenses and lunch we didn’t buy anything else though 🙁 We took a local bus to the airport arriving around 3pm. A quick sort of our gear and check in, then disappointingly we’re told it’s not possible to claim back tax from goods we’ve bought. Specifically we were thinking of the netbook. Never mind. Now 5 hours to kill. Time is money or at least it is when you’re working. When you’re not it’s the opposite. The more dead time you can put up with it seems the less you spend!!!
This is no Heathrow that’s for sure.
Oh did we mention we are coming forward in time again. When we get to Argentina we’ll only be 3 hours behind the UK.

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