Happy Birthday

The plan for today was to hit the beach but we wake up to overcast skies and change the plan.

Instead we opt for a walk around the rest of town and hope to find some Wi-Fi. The hostel claims to have some but we’ve failed miserably to get it to work on either phone or the laptop. When we eventually find some we upload a few blog posts and check on emails.

In the evening, as last night, the prom is really busy with families, teenagers, cyclists, rollerbladers, joggers, you name it. We are out walking, eating ice-cream, watching for the sunset. We stumble across a 4th July party, claiming to have fireworks, so not wanting to be taken for Americans we sit in the bar below, the FUBAR, and have a bowl of chips, yes chips not crisps, and a margarita or two. This was a good move as the fireworks weren’t great and all the party-goers were pretty sloshed and old.

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