Happy Canada Day

The dive today is from 0900 so an early start getting to the dive shop for 0845 means a wake up before 0800. We are in a group today, still with Jonatan but also now with an American girl – Jennifer, and a Canadian couple – Dave and Beth.

This will be our 1st proper dive with other people – Argentina was such a flop it’s not in the count – and after the other day it should all be fine today šŸ™‚

When we get in the water, the visability isn’t as good as the other day, although the water is much warmer. Considering how much experience these guys all have we are surprised how much they keep swimming into us, or us them. You’d think they’d be able to give us a wide berth, wouldn’t you?

We do see some marine life but it’s not as plentiful today. The 2nd tank dive is a completely different experience though. There’s a current running and it’s hard to swim against it. It’s weird how much this disorientates you when you’re under water. You feel like you’re swimming but looking at the bottom you don’t feel you’re going anywhere. It is very tiring.

After the dive, we get logbook info from Jonatan for all our dives and are quite surprised at how quickly everyone disappears. Then we learn the Canadians have gone to a neighbouring bar for lunch and are waiting on Jonatan to join them.

We gate crash and have a good chat. They were here in January, diving with Jonatan and plan a return visit again in October. They are obviously happy. Truth is Jonatan and Sunshine have been great and we’d recommend them to anyone diving here. The prices and equipment are good and the guys are all a good laugh.

When we finally retreat back to our hostel, it’s all we can do to have showers, a snooze, some crisps and beer for dinner whilst watching Ghostbusters! šŸ™‚

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