Happy St George´s Day everyone

Lazy start as we have no more lessons. Bernice has arranged to meet Philly (in her previous life this is who she was… http://www.alicebag.com/philomenabessyinterview.html) in the Plaza to talk through some ideas with her, so we head to Tentáciones for brekkie which is just off the plaza, a place Matt and Kirsty recommended to us.

After a look at the menu, Bernice heads over to the plaza (as she doesn´t have time to eat now) where she hopes to meet Philly, but in true Bolivian style Philly is a bit late. A little boy quickly homes in on Bernice and asks her to buy a magazine. She explains she wants to meet Philly and he immediately assumes she is here to volunteer her time to help sell the magazine with him. His name is Edmundo and after offering a handshake convinces her to help him while she waits on Philly. Why not!

After about 30 minutes and 3 or 4 sales Philly arrives. Bernice explains her project ideas and Philly is really keen on them. There were two options put forward, one involving photographing the children to paint on return to the UK and showing in an exhibition there or working with the children here and put an exhibition on locally where all proceeds could go to the children.

As Philly is going away for 3 months next week she suggested running with the 1st option and for us contribute here and now: the children want to go a puppet show next Saturday in a nearby village and it would be great if Bernice/we could help finance that. It will cost 150Bs (less than £15) to take 32 kids on the bus to the puppet show. In the grand scheme of things this is peanuts but not wanting to appear blasé with money (after all this was 3 nights’ accommodation here too) she wanted to go back and discuss with Huw.

Also because we intended to go to the craft market at Tarabuco tomorrow and the children are only in the plaza on weekends it meant today would be the only day to take the photos, otherwise we would have to stay around till next Sunday – which in itself wasn´t an issue.

Weighing up the logistics and talking it over with some of the other guys from the hostel we think we might stay till next weekend and volunteer our time as well and go along to the puppet show, this would take the urgency out of everything… and some of the others also offer to contribute some cash, sounds like we have a plan, nice 🙂 . Running this by Philly we get the thumbs up and a plan is set in motion.

Bernice did take a few photos of some of the children, it’s amazing how little they have and yet how much they are willing to give! We also have a copy of “Inti” – the magazine, inti means sun in Quechuan. The best thing we can do, on top of donating some money and helping at the puppet show is tell as many other travellers as we can about what is going on here and encourage them to buy a mag and volunteer some time to help sell them… so all you guys out there reading this blog, if you´re behind us and on your way to Sucre, go to the main Plaza by the cathedral and donate some time and/or money 🙂

After quite some time in the Plaza we head off to get some lunch and see if we can find Huw a new pair of shorts – he put his knee threw the hem of his today, oops!!!

We bump into Sarah who has just ordered some new specs at a local optician, and as its siesta time (shops shutting) we decide to go or a walk. We visit “Parque Bolivar”; (near where we got off the bus when we arrived in town initially) where we have heard there is a miniature Eiffel tower which it is compulsory to climb. It is very wobbly at the top, very!

Then after an endless hunt for some ice cream we do a long loop up past the towns’ footie stadium and back down past the clothes market. We have half an eye on trying to locate a camera repair shop to see if we can get the canon serviced but everything being shut it doesn´t look a likely location.

At the clothes market we have more success; Huw manages to find some shorts, although the old boy does quite a bit of rooting around digging out his summer gear! This place would knock socks off Saville Row or Slaters in Glasgow – rows and rows of wee stalls which house tailors and every kind of suit fabric you care to want…

Sarah even found a pair of jeans in a shop just outside the market having just about given up after trying on tons of pairs inside. Everyone happy we head back down into town. And exhausted it´s all we can do to order pizza and watch some movies (becoming a bit of a habit this!!!), well if internet was a bit more reliable and speedier maybe we wouldn´t.

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