Heads about to explode

It’s a kinda nothing day. Bernice doesn’t sleep well at all, and ends up going back to bed after brekkie to catch up, while Huw does some internet research on cars and accommodation.

We plan to use the hotel pool later on but it’s full of noisy sprogs so we skip the idea and go back to planning and admin. Our profile on couchsurfers is coming together but realising we need somewhere to stay in LA tomorrow night, we book a hostel as it’s not much notice to give people when trying to get the use of their couch! We send out some requests anyways just dipping our toes in the water see what response if any we get.

Exhausted it’s all we can manage to go back to the brew pub for dinner that evening and with heads spinning we try to relax and hope for a better night’s sleep.

This travelling malarky is really hard sometimes, honest! Especially when it comes down to important stuff like where to sleep, where to go next and how much is it all going to cost!! It really tires us out.

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