Hitchhikers or are they stowaways?

Nothing much to report on the night watches, but on the 06-0900 watch Huw brings in a very nice tuna. Which is good as it’s been a couple of days now without any. When everyone is up Richard makes an attempt at fixing the port engine. Fault finding and fixing takes most of the day and it still doesn´t get resolved.

We have some dolphins to keep us up-beat and a wee swallow visitor helps alleviate any black mood the naughty engine might otherwise bring!

Lunch is sushi of course and dinner is spicy bean burgers and tuna steak. It´s bean burgers because we had loads of beans soaking overnight to make five bean chilli and the burgers are a good alternative to go with the fresh tuna.

It’s really hot today, very muggy and very hot. It´s funny, the further away from the equator the warmer it appears to be getting. At least the GRIB files are assuring us the hurricane (Adrian) is not only still travelling north but also dissipating which is good news. Also we should be across the Golfo de Tehuantepec by tomorrow morning which is a good hurdle to have climbed – this is where a lot of the weather sytems for the mid/north Pacific start and hen head norh and west as they build.

Night watches are pleasantly calm although sleeping is another matter altogether becuase of the heat. We have another hitchhiker, in the night, a boobie (that’s a bird!!) decides to have a rest and prune itself on the foredeck. Quite happy sitting on the rails looking out into the darkness.

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