Hombre en agua!

Arrive just in time to get bags booked in before 7pm cut-off. Hurray!
There’s two hours now till we embark and the initial plan was to go for food, but as we ate such a big lunch that neither of us can face it so we go in search of the brew pub that we haven’t found yet and spend the hour or so there. They have wifi but as is becoming increasingly the case, our phones said they were connected but we weren’t able to access anything. Boo! Sorry guys if we promised skype with you.
The schedule is to embark at 9pm and set sail at 6am. Then arrive on the morning of Saturday 12th at around 9am having gone up through the fjords and canals of Chile to Puerto Montt, only stopping at Puerto Eden (town with same name as boat) to drop off and pick up passengers.

The trip is full board but we have been advised by fellow travellers we should take on some wine as the wine/beer onboard is pretty expensive. So a couple of cartons of wine did find their way into our bags.

As we congregate in the departure lounge we get a wee pep talk by the entertainment manager before making our way on mass to board.
We see a few faces we recognise from the trek, happy, weirdo, and a French girl. We’ve booked a four berth room and are now wishing we’d gone for the 16 man room as we’re not sure who we’re sharing with and thinking our luck being what it is we’ll end up with weirdo!!
To board we are directed onto a plate that was about 4m by 12m which then raised up to the next level for us to alight at the passenger decks. As it turns out we’re sharing with a French couple, again, who speak very little English or even Spanish for that matter. Hhmm…..
The evening is completed with a bit of chatting and getting to know some passengers. Debster, Pete, Pablo, Thierry, Nathalie, Anthony, Lauren, Anne-Lise….

Brekkie from 8am is pretty good, not as good as Susan’s but definitely better than most brekkie’s we’ve had in hostels. The day is mostly spent chatting although some blog writing and photo sorting is also squeezed in, till the batteries run out anyway. We have a safety briefing with power point mid-afternoon, explaining evacuation procedures etc should we need it.

Our room is pretty ok, each bunk has it’s own curtains and we have lockers too for valuables. Lunch is yummy too, at this rate all the weight we lost trekking will be straight back on by the time we get off the boat. Soup, salad, salmon and potatoes, and jelly for afters.
We’re scheduled to have 2 movies but in the end only get one – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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