I’ll look after yer motor mister

Today is provisioning day. Richard decided keeping the car another day would make this easy, certainly allow us to shop around and not need to make do in just the supermarket. We also have to rendezvous with the agent who is sorting our clearing out papers (necessary before we can leave, and part of the service paid for when transiting the canal). They guy was supposed to come to the boat this morning but when he doesn’t show we decide to set off and call him to arrange a different time.

First stop is the fruit and veg Market which is on the edge of the rough part of town as you’d expect. When we arrive a guy very kindly directs us into a space and then offers to “look after the car” while we shop!

It has comedy value cause each time we return to the car armed with bags of shopping he thinks we’re leaving and is eager for a tip – for being so helpful – and each time we tell him we’re not finished yet. Highly amusing 😉 made even more funny when finished we decide we want to stay around and have lunch. He was duly rewarded for his patience.

Next stop the supermarket. It’s been showery all morning (but very warm too :-)) and it looks like it’s only going to get worse so there’s no time to lose. That and the boys want to try and catch the Barcelona v Man Utd game. All this before the car has to be back.

As it happens we only barely manage to get the shopping onto the boat when the heavens open and they don’t look like they’re closing again real soon.

There’s no sign of the agent yet and it looks like Richard is going to get wet taking the car back. Plus there really is no point in getting super soaked going back out in the dinghy to watch the footie.

So, se stay behind as Richard returns the car and set out all the fruit and veg so it can get washed by the rain. Think we said before, you want to wash it all as you bring it on board just to make sure you’re not bringing any bugs onto the boat.

Distressingly we also found a leak. In our cabin. Behind our bed. Water was getting in and running down the wall and under our mattresses. Not good. Huw investigates and props a wee bowl under the leak. It is exceptionally heavy and persistent rain so maybe it’s not usual.

When Richard gets back he’s pretty wet and pretty miserable – the car hire company charged him an extra day hire because, wait for it, the seat was wet when he returned the car. Hello, it’s torrential rain out there. You have to open the door to get in the car. Doh!

On the up side he did manage to catch up with the agent while he was out so that’s another job done. Veggie ragu for dinner and exhausted we all have an early night.

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