It´s a RAID

Not an awful lot happened during the day today, just another one of those days where you come to the end and think… I never achieved much today 🙁

But out of the monotony comes a gem, an email from Deirdre and Brock. We´d widened the net on the lookout for CS hosts, knowing that we have to be in Irvine to pick the camera up by 29th (not open on the weekend) and Newport area to be picked up by Angie on the 31st.

Deirdre and Brock live in Newport Beach and have a big trip in the planning stages for South America. We thought they´d be ideal hosts as we could give them lots of tips and ideas from our trip, and here they must agree as we have the offer of a couch for Friday night. We can go pick up the camera and then head to theirs, fingers crossed it works that way 🙂

So the mundane of the day… Laundry – check. Brekkie – LA café and an exquisite chocolate croissant. Late lunch – by ourseleves in a cheap but lovely Italian restaurant Bernice had caught a review on. Skype – a disjointed call to folks back home, connection struggled probably due to overload.

However, the evening was both interesting and encouraging. Bernice has been in email talks with Jason a guy that runs a residency programme here in LA called RAID, and although there is a lengthy application process and therefore nothing available at short notice, she was able to arrange to go along this evening, meet him and have a look around the studios. As a bonus we were also able to chat with Zoé, one of the current artists in residence from Italy. Both Jason and Zoé´s enthusiasm for the residency programme gave us a great feeling as we left that this would be a great opportunity to apply for.

The day was finished with a small´ee beer in “Coles” a bar around the corner from the hostel claiming to be the home of the “French dip sandwich” whatever that is when it´s at home!!!

2 thoughts on “It´s a RAID

  1. Great to see you having so much fun 🙁 Wish you good luck Bernice on residency application. Seems like a fantastic opportunity to carry on with your career. On that note it would be a good idea if I could talk to you sometime about Sophie and the possibility of Art College or Technical type Degree.


  2. sure thing bro, we are camping at the mo but should have wifi now and again, will watch out for you x

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