It hasn’t rained for two years

Back at the dive shop for 0800 we are just about ready to leave when two girls turn up wanting to go snorkelling. They are Nicky and Elana, from Australia we discover later. They choose to walk down to the marina while we choose a lift today, mainly because we get to ride in the dive boat on the trailer behind the car, juvenile we know but fun 🙂

We see more dolphins on our way out to the dive site again today, and more amazingly we see turtles and a pretty big octopus too! The water is really clear again and there are lots of shoals of different varieties of fish to look at. We’re really glad we opted for a second day. As well as that we’re both beginning to relax into it now and really control our buoyancy so it’s all good.

Again the evening is pretty relaxed with movies and a bit of food. We decide we’re going to move on tomorrow so spend some time checking out transport options. Mike thinks there’s a bus around noon that’ll take us to San Ignacio, our next stop.

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