Land lubbers again

Last night we just crashed in our static room. Both of us found it difficult to sleep but more because we weren’t moving and weren’t lying on top of a noisy engine than anything else.

This morning we reflect on how things went and try to park it. Richard was out of order and we should move on. First job after breakfast is to go to immigration and get our visas changed from “transit” to “visitor” and hopefully extend it from the current 30 days to 90 days.

This job takes all morning but the guys are really helpful. They tell us we should have paid an entrance fee (~$25) when we got the visa and need the receipt to change it. Obviously now in Richards hands and unlikely that he would let us have it or even a copy so no point asking. It’s not like it’s a bank-breaker so we pay it again. They change our visa and extend it to 180 days, not 90 as we expected!

A good job done, we spend the afternoon checking out diving options, bring really wary of who we use after our crap experience in Argentina. We eventually decide to use “Sunshine Dive Centre”, a company with excellent reviews on “Tripadviser” and who we got good vibes from and arrange a couple of dives for tomorrow afternoon.

By now we have had A good look round town – think American versions of Torremolinos or Marbella and your pretty close to what Cabo San Lucas is like, lots of touts, lots of offers, lots of party noise all around, everything written in English and even priced in USD rather than pesos!!!

But diving is reputedly good here so it’s worth sticking around for. Hopefully.

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