Leaving the tropics behind

It’s official; as we left Cabo San Lucas and headed to Todos Santos yesterday we crossed the Tropic of Cancer and are now officially heading north leaving the Tropics behind.

Today on reflection we agree there isn´t much more to see here and that La Paz is calling. We check bus timings out and find they leave at 1030 or 1515… So brekkie and the early bus it is.

We arrive around lunchtime in La Paz (Mexico, not Bolivia!), the bus station is right on the beachfront which is a nice place to start.

The hostel we fancy is way the other side of town and not sure if it’s worth the effort to get there, we decide to check a few out nearby. The 1st hostel is nasty, not clean and holes in the Walls so we retreat quickly. The 2nd is wacky, clean and friendly, and after haggling over price we agree to stay. It’s only a block from the bus station and two from the prom.

We go for a walk, finding the place pretty quiet, not many people around and not much open, but to be expected as it’s Sunday, and out of season. We walk the length of the prom to check out a kayaking company but they say they need a minimum of 4 people to run a trip and they have no other interest in the next few days, so it’s unlikely we’ll be able to go out with them.

On the way back we stop for a drink at a seafront bar and casually get talking to the owner. He says he’s normally open till 5-6am but only till 2-3 on Sundays, and that they are trying to change their image to shed the current clientele of drug runners. Tough gig we reckon if that’s your usual crowd who have money to spend and time to spend it – Brave mind.

To our surprise when we go out again in the evening the prom and surrounding areas that were deserted earlier are now bustling with people. Is the town full of vampires or what?!!!

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