Lucky on the wind

Awake proper at 0730, desperate for a shower. The watermaker is on but Paul says it’s ok to shower still, just not to use the loo. The generator is on which means toast for brekkie, oh and scrambled eggs :0)

The wind is good and consistent this morning. Which is a welcome surprise as it wasn’t forecast. That said Paul has again been having difficulty getting his emails, which includes the weather. Doh!

The weather has stayed pretty good all of today (what a bonus) and we’ve made a lot of progress. Much further on than we were the same time into the journey “Las Palmas to Mindelo”. The new forecasts we still haven’t got but we did listen in to a French one which seems more accurate than the others at present.

Fishing results today: 1 got away, 2 a tiddler which we kept only cause the Line did for it, 3 also a tiddler which we threw back, 4 we bring in the line at the end of the day to find the lure has gone :0(

Spaghetti Bol for dinner which Paul successfully made from scratch with a little of Adam’s help. Pudding: banana “angel d” cheesecake thingy. Was supposed to be with Ginger biscuits but they’ve gone AWOL so a banana custard thingy instead. Great stuff!

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