Mindelo! Mindelo! Mindelo!


So land ahoy!

It’s 1606 as I write and Adam has just spotted land. It’ll be the island of “Santo Antao” the one just north of “Sao Vicente” (St Vincent) where we’re headed, to the port of “Mindelo”.

We are sitting relaxing having finished our watch during which we managed to increase the boat speed from 3-4knots to 6-6.5knots which now brings our arrival time in at around midnight. Possibly on our watch, we’re on 9-12 tonight.

Will is being creative again in the kitchen, there’s talk of a fruit crumble and custard following a fish curry, yum yum!

Disaster! We caught a bird in our fishing line! Technically it caught it’s wing in OUR fishing line, but oh my did we have a job getting it free. Poor thing. We think it’s alright just a bit frightened and worn out. It’s wing didn’t seem broken so hopefully it’ll be alright.

Dinner was great as usual and Huw even baked a cake for tomorrow :0)

The wind dies off again mid-late afternoon and we all resign ourselves to a Sunday morning arrival. Even putting the engine on again briefly. Probably best anyway as then we arrive in an unknown port in daylight. Always advisable, some would say compulsory.

Mad mad wind! It picks up again and by the time our watch comes round we’re trying to slow the boat down to stop her heeling too much!!! And our arrival time is now back to 0130.

2 thoughts on “Mindelo! Mindelo! Mindelo!

  1. Well done. Imagine: Cape Verde – you lucky people!

    Blessings and love from us in Carlux

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