Nanoo nanoo

Being a bank holiday weekend (it’s Labour Day today or should we say Labor Day!) as with back home it’s a sale weekend in the shops. Karyn and Andrew take us to Boulder, to have a look around the town and call into a big REI, see if there’s any bargains to be had to take home with us.

Boulder we all know for only one thing and we can’t visit without going to check it out … So 1st stop – Mork and Mindy’s house 🙂

In the town itself we find the lunch spot Karyn and Andrew had in mind closed – because of the holiday no doubt – and we decide to try the place next door, they don’t remember seeing it before.

And what a find! It’s called “The Yellow Deli” and it is very disturbing indeed. It’s redneck city!!! Everyone is dressed up (well they would be if they weren’t serious!!) in checked shirts or dresses, long hair in ponytails, goatie beards, and are all very close to chewing on straw!!! Yes it is some kinda religious-linked cafe but we ignore that as there’s thankfully no mention of it.

The food is good and that’s a relief!

Afterwards we spend a couple hours wandering the streets, shops, and galleries, watching street performers and balloon makers. The boys get a balloon made and although the adults think they are a bit disappointing the boys are well chuffed with them 🙂

On the way home we stop at a craft shop to buy some bits and pieces for Ben’s homework. He has a poster (already mentioned) that he has to complete with lots of info about himself and on top of that a mini-me to create that’s about a foot tall! A stack of homework for a five year old in his 1st week at school!!!

We stop off at a supermarket too (which ends up being two supermarkets and a liquor store) as we have offered to cook a curry tonight but struggle to find curry ingredients such as sauce or nan breads, oh and supermarkets here don´t have wine and not much beer either (are we back in Canada?).

Missions mostly accomplished we head home and Huw cooks while Bernice helps Ben with his homework. It’s a very slow process, he’s tired and still not 100% (poor wee mite) but we all persevere and he ends up doing a great job.

Boys safely tucked up in bed, the adults relax and sit doen to a well earned curry and beer.

Tonights chatting takes us into the realm that is Karyn’s work – physio, deep needle techniques, FMS and she even does some demos on Huw.

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