No brakes, least not as we know them

So having worked out how we can meet up with Angie we decide to stay with Deirdre and Brock another night. Which is great news and means we can make the most of today; firstly they take us for a drive to some view points, and past Beckham´s neighbourhood. Then down to Laguna Beach for a walk around and a brill milkshake.

The afternoon is a bit terrifying as well as good fun – on the way back from the beach we stop at their friends to borrow a couple of bikes – bikes with no brakes or gears!! Well not as we know them anyway, to brake you need to peddle backwards, ouch! The handlebars are really high too so it´s like riding an old chopper!

Having dropped the car back and got organised we get all 4 bikes out – Deirdre and Brock´s bikes are newer, but work on the same principle. Huw takes it all in his stride as Bernice flaps a bit till she gets the hang of it. We cycle out towards Huntington Beach where the World Surfing Championships are on but decide we don’t have time to go there and back so cut the trip short. Why? Well in a mad moment this morning Deirdre bought tickets online for a local gig – a rap guy, you may have heard of him: “Warren G”, so we have to get back and get dinner before the big event. We also call Angie to make a plan for the morning – to meet her a few miles away in a shopping centre car park. The guys have offered to take us there. It won´t be much of a detour for her.

We go to a local Greek restaurant for a gyros dinner on the way to the gig, the food is great but the music pretty disappointing, a very short set and he´s not very engaging. Never mind, we go back and play games into the wee small hours, Brock even makes cheese toasties to keep us going. Yum yum!

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