Oakland Art Murmur

It’s a slow and late start but we both feel much better for it, though still a bit tired. Not sure if it’s a lergy or just the stress of trying to organise where we’re going to stay without it costing the earth.

While going through some admin chores we skype with Steve and Em and chat to Claudia, we need to pay her another night if we’re staying tonight. She has a little device called “Square” which literally is square and about 4cm square at that, it plugs into the end of your iPhone and allows you to read peoples credit cards like a shop card reader…. So we were able to pay her over her iPhone!!! We got an email confirmation of the purchase within minutes. Amazing gadget you’ll agree, but alas not available in the UK yet, or Europe even as far as we can tell.

We also have a few emails back and forward with Tim and April about CSing at theirs tomorrow and Sunday night. They seem really busy, in fact Tim won’t be around till Sunday afternoon and we’re wondering if we shouldn’t leave them alone and find an alternative rather than hassle them on an already full weekend. Eventually we get through on skype and speak to Tim, he assures us that it’s more than fine for us to come stay and they’re looking forward to it. Oh, ok then.

We go out for a walk around the area and take photos of Oakland town, on our way to the Art Murmur. There are lots of people and lots of good art spaces and art to see. Loads of old warehouse type buildings that we find out later were all car lots as this used to be an area known for car showrooms, garages, workshops etc… There is still some evidence of this but not much.

We bump into Claudia and her family and she offers us a free nights accommodation tomorrow night in exchange for giving her teenage kids some art lessons. It’s all about timing eh! We explain to her that we’re off CSing. Oh well.

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