Orange juice sir?

So plan made we get up and go looking for brekkie, Raffael suggested a place that he claims serves the best coffee in Loreto. Not sure it’s open on Sundays but we set off to see, we are in luck not only that but it’s a real gem and we’re only sorry we hadn’t found it at the beginning of our trip.

The guy serving brings out our much sought after coffee and orange juice and somehow managed to up end the whole lot down Huw. Oops!!

He’s really embarrassed but Huw is pretty chilled about it. It’s not like we have five or more hours on a bus in front of us…. Our sandwiches are huge, we thought they would be and planned on taking half with us for lunch on the bus. We get now get some complimentary muffins by way of apology too.

As Mike said the bus is due around lunchtime, but its an hour late arriving and it’s very hot onboard. We decided on San Ignacio and to skip Santa Rosalia mostly because it’s a another beach town and we fancy something different.

What we can’t understand is why all the locals have huge blankets and pillows for the bus journey, we are melting.

Arriving in San Ignacio about 6pm the bus drops us off at least a mile outside town. Doh! We hadn’t done our homework on that one. We try for a taxi but end up walking in the heat, at least there is a little shade as we walk through date orchards.

At first we can’t find any hostels even asking doesn’t help, and this is a small town. Retracing our steps around the plaza we eventually come across Casa Lareé which is run by Juanita, and are able to get room there – the room is called “el piso roco” and it’s double doors open up onto the lovely walled garden. She has a couple of dogs too who are nice and friendly. She recommends a walk in the morning and a swim in the river. As for dinner tonight that’s tacos at Antonio’s, a little stall in the plaza. Yum!

The town has about 4000 people tops and the plaza has loads of wee shacks selling food. It’s almost like it’s a tradition to go eat out, let your neighbour cook on their stall and it’s not expensive either.

Juanita also orders a taxi for tomorrow afternoon to take us back to the bus stop. Fingers crossed it turns up.

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