Our 7th day at sea

Angry skies greet us this morning big dark clouds surround us but there’s some glimmer of hope that it’ll be short lived as a rainbow pokes its head through. One end not too far from the bow of the boat. Am sure the leprechauns would know how to dig in the sea to get to the treasure, where are they when you need them :0(

There’s been some discussion about whether we’ve been at sea 6 or 7 days so far. We thought it was Thursday today so therefore 7, but its only the 8th and we left on 2nd…. Resolved we realise its just the start of our 7th as it is truly only Wednesday today.

That sorted, we have averaged 141nm over the previous 6 days. If we keep this wind for the next 4/5 days as it’s forecast we should increase that average significantly. Let’s see….

Potential disaster strikes yet again!!! The freezer may have packed up on us! As I write Huw is having a look at it see if he can work his magic. If not we’ll be loading all the still frozen food into the bottom of the fridge and start cooking the thawed meets and fish. Nice prospect! :0( fingers crossed that it is fixable.

False alarm for now. The freezer is working again. None of us realised there was a history of it playing up, doh! The only casualties was some cod, tuna and a pack of sausages. Adam elects to cook the cod tonight and the others go into the fridge.

Further calculations show we’ve done about 171nm in the last 24 hours. This is all good.

Dinner is v good – baked pepper and lemon cod with a parsley sauce. More impressive considering the sea state. Well done.

We finish watch at 9pm and get some shut eye as we’re on the graveyard shift of 3-6am. Easier said than done, the roll of the boat and the crashing waves makes it quite hard. So fitful sleep is all we manage. Watch is slightly more eventful than usual as there’s a vessel (probably yacht as it’s only slightly faster than us) catching us up and crossing our path. It’s not on AIS (GPS positioning) so we need to rely on the radar to keep watch on it. We can see it of course but that gives you little idea of how close it’s getting etc.

Returning to bed after watch rewards us with a much better sleep. Not sure if sea has calmed or more used to it or probably a bit of both!!!

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