Our first road trip

Angie calls in the morning as planned to let us know she´s leaving, but says it´s raining real hard so just give her the address and she´ll come here to pick us up, using her satnav. We look outside… there´s no rain… hhmm… oh well, it means the wreckage that is the four of us can relax a bit, and neither Deirdre nor Brock need get out of bed, other than to say goodbye.

Big hugs all round saying goodbye, it´s been a blast … and big hugs downstairs saying hello to Angie and the kids. The main part of the day is spent in the car, lots of chatting and catching up to do. We don´t get to Morgan´s Hill till around 1630, G & T time… Typically the kids run out of patience about 30 minutes from home, having been really good and kind to each other up until then. We pass some really lovely scenery on the way, bright green trees sitting on a contrast of burnt yellowing grass all set on rolling hills along either side of the road. Bernice even manages, naughtily, a power nap.

Dan is at home awaiting our arrival; he´s been cleaning the house and getting dinner ready, bbq´d chicken… we have dinner, a few beers, and lots of vino. It´s an accidental session, but more fun for it, it´s been a while… since we last saw each other!

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