Our last day dawns

Our last day in NY, our last day on our trip, our last day before home, before reality, before having to slot back into normality – whatever that is!

We aim for the MOMA first, it’s really quiet actually and more due to the fact there’s a parade on (it’s a bank holiday here, “Founders Day” we’re told) and everyone is caught up watching that than anything else. We make the most of it and whizz round and see all we can. Then a walk through Central park and we figure its worth checking out the Gagosian too, it’s supposed to be closed Mondays but with it being a holiday its worth checking… as it happens our instincts are right and its open, much to Bernice’s excitement, she gets to see the Jenny Saville exhibition after all 🙂

It’s mid-afternoon, but wanting to make the most of our last day we head over to Williamsburg to the thrift shops for a mooch, and are back on our route home in time for sunset. Planning to catch some lovely photos of the Manhattan views we keep seeing from the bus, but we’ve left it too late, the weather is changing and there is no sunset, its all overcast 🙁

Oh well, you win some, you lose some … back for Pizza, Vino and farewells with the troops.  It’s quite a nice evening although the girls seem to still be suffering from the other night. Oops.

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