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A reluctant early rise then, to get on the bus for Santa Monica, reluctant in as much as our bodies wanted more sleep, but we managed to persuade them otherwise as we have a nice day to look forward to. We are only late arriving at Melissa´s and Fred´s because the bus we take isn´t going all the way (we didn´t realise when we got on) and so when we got thrown off we have to wait twenty minutes on the next one to appear… and pay the fair again. Doh!

When we arrive they put out a breakfast feast for us, bagels, fresh fruit, cream cheese, salmon, oj, coffee… totally spoilt! We have a fair old chat with Fred before we leave him to get on with his work (he works at home) and then we set out with Melissa to “Bergamot Station”, a whole load of warehouse units turned gallery spaces, a huge complex. Once we´ve tired ourselves out with this we retire to the café in the complex for a bite of lunch before Melissa drops us off in the main shopping area of Santa Monica. Melissa we´ve had a great time and think you guys are fab.

Yesterday we´d popped along to “The Hive” again and briefly spoken to Nathan, he was really busy so Bernice had sent him an email explaining she was keen to have a look around the studio spaces he has and find out more about possible residencies there. Anyway we notice we have a reply from him and that he´s up for showing us round. Only we leave tomorrow lunchtime so it would have to be this evening or 1st thing tomorrow… We email him back suggesting this and hi-tail it back to Downtown on the bus just in case.

Alas it wasn´t meant to be as we don´t hear any more from him today. Instead we have some junk food for dinner, try some skype, and watch TV before an early night to catch up on some sleep.

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