Paul is in the kitchen!

Brekkie all done and dusted by 0930. We all go ashore on a mission to find a laundrette for our sheets/linen and some Internet. we eventually track down a laundrette – we found a fully serviced place but the woman was clearly off her head as she suggested a price of €50 for 2 loads! Then Adam found the self service one and went off to sort it out with Huw joining him once he has found a cash machine willing to part with it’s money! We find a French cafe that has a covered courtyard and Internet so the rest of us get busy and when they return we have a lovely lunch. In the afternoon Huw, Adam, and Will go off to the beach, they hire an open top pick-up truck that takes them there and waits for them to bring them back amazingly! Not only did we get to fit in snorkeling and body surfing but we saw a massive (6ft across) stingray 🙂

Bernice returns to the Internet cafe to try and sort the photo’s out for the blog and a flickr album, with little success. Paul stays on board reading lots of documentation about his insurance renewal.

Yesterday we bumped into a few of people we knew from Las Palmas, among them Lina (a Swedish girl) who we find out this morning has along with her crew decided to leave their boat as their skipper is out of order. De ja vu!

This gets us all chatting and trying to see if there is a way we could help. Something we contemplate over the next 36 hours. There isn’t really room for her but being British (Paul may be Danish but he’s now pseudo British :0)), we don’t like the idea of her being stranded here.

When we return to the boat Paul has prepared our dinner! For someone who claims total illiteracy in the kitchen we had a fab garlic prawn dish with fresh local bread which we followed up with left over birthday cake and then cheese and bikkies for those still hungry!

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