People are great people!

At brekkie we are busy planning how we are going to get to Irvine to the Canon Service centre to drop the camera off and get to the hotel we’ve booked nearby when David shows up and within minutes offers us a ride (that’s a lift in his car) as it’s pretty much on his way home. Great, is our unison reply, saves us a whole heap of changes and walking.

He has also offered another girl a lift a few miles to the other side of town. She has an interview as she hopes to stay in San Diego. What a nice guy.

We have a really nice trip and not only does David take us to our hotel, wait for us to drop our bags off, and drive us to the canon centre, he also waits for us there and drive us back to the hotel!!!! Stoked, we shout him lunch across the way at a sensible looking brew pub next to the mall, before saying our goodbyes and letting him go home.

Who only knows how long it would have taken us otherwise. The camera is now safely deposited, thanks to David , and we´re still sane. Well mostly. It will be ready in a week. They weren´t even bothered about the warrenty when I showed the lens to them. Just said its a known fault and there´ll be no charge!!! Would you believe that?! We get the camera body cleaned as well and think we might look into upgrading the body while we´re here in the states as it´s much cheaper that it would cost back home right now.

It dawns on us that if we get Angie to pick us up around this area on the 31st when she visits her friend that means we´ll be without a camera for 2 weeks… the search for a replacement compact is back on! It´s good to know as well that if we can´t get back for the camera they would post it to Angie´s house for us.

A brief trip to the mall learns us that there is a Best Buy nearby and we know they stock the compact camera we’re after. It’s quite a trek in the heat of the day but we get there eventually and are in luck. It’s effectively the same price as the one we had but a newer model. Sweet!

As a reward we treat ourselves to a milkshake and decide having had a hefty lunch just to get snacks and a bottle of wine for tonight.

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