There is a Magellan Penguin colony 200km to the south, supposedly home of over 900,000 penguins! So you bet we´re going. We´re up early enough, ready early even but decide to fix a plan about where to go next and book the bus and a hostel before going out for the day, otherwise we´ll be staying here another extra night. In the end it’s 1030 before we pick Marcel up and then we drive around town randomly looking for the right road out of town and for a petrol station. Eventually we escape around 1130 only to read in the guide book that it takes 4 hours to get to Punto Tombo. As Marcel wants to be back by 6ish to shower before his flight it seems unlikely we’ll make it. We make a group decision to drive for 3 hours and see if we can make it, if not turn around and come back OR kick Marcel out and carry on 🙂

As it turns out, with Huw driving, we arrive safe and well at the penguin colony in 2hrs20min, so no need to abandon Marcel after all. We enter the park and within 5 steps we come across a penguin just beside the path. Initially we think its lost its way… but then we see another, and another, and soon realise they are everywhere!!! It´s quite a stuggle keeping Marcel from putting one in his rucsac! There´s 900,000 of them, all up the hillside there are nests. Not what we expected yet again. Some of them must have over a mile to waddle to get to the sea to catch food! Truly amazing!

When we´re all penguin´d out we grab a quick lunch in the café and have just enough time to pop into Trelew on the way back to Puerto Madryn and see just how Welsh it really is. Disappointingly there isn´t much evidence at all of any Welsh tea rooms or anything else Welsh for that matter. We treat ourselves to an ice cream and and head back, dropping Marcel off a little later than he´d like but alls good and yet again we´ve had a great day.

The rest of the evening was pretty chilled, spent chatting to Johan, Clare and Mark. We found a green grocers open across from our hostel, it wasn´t officially open (due to open tomorrow) but they sold us the makings of a lovely salad anyway that we teamed up with a slice of pizza from the empanada shop – “Miguelito´s”.

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  1. We saw thousands of puffins in Shetland they were so cute and they reminded me of penguins. Just thought I would share that with you.

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