Plan, prep and pack

As we’re borrowing Dan’s car tomorrow to set off for Yosemite, we should really get our act together today!!

First job is to buy/book a permit online for “half dome”, which is only available for Thursday. We’ll have to get there early tomorrow to enter the lottery for a backcountry permit (allows you to camp half way up in a designated camping area in the hills) or Thursday will be a very long day. Estimated as 12-16 hours hike from bottom to half dome and back!!!

Next we get some admin done: visit the Post Office to send some tatt home; a trip to Trader Joes (Angie’s preferred supermarket) for supplies; a stop at Naomi’s cafe for lunch …. Then pick the kids up from school, where we get to meet the “Purple one eyed people eater”. Long story!

Back home Angie diligently helps the guys with their homework while we pack for tomorrow.

Then Bernice gets a treat, going along with Angie to drop Molly off at her Art Class.

When Dan comes home from work we pack the car, having realised we’ll have to set off at 0600 in the morning to get to the permit office in time.

The rest of the evening is pretty chilled, Dan has a wee bit of work to do and other than that we sit and watch some TV, a new series called Terra Nova.

The day finishes with Bernice dreaming about bears all night, a tad nervous/excited about the imminent trip 🙂

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