Preparations all done…

We are due to join our first boat tomorrow morning after the enforced 2 week delay (see Gone Sailing! …… well nearly :O)) … and as it turns out the extra time was a good thing as we seemed to have spent the majority of it finishing off ‘last minute’ preparations that we hadn’t got done!!

So, many thanks to Mum & Dad; Evans & Dave; Rob, Jules, Pips, Ben & Tom for housing/feeding/generally getting us sorted out over the last couple weeks.

Hopefully our next post will be from a boat … if it hasn’t been arrested!!??

4 thoughts on “Preparations all done…

  1. Wheyy Heyyy – God speed guys – what an adventure – am sitting in dark Hampshire with the prospect of a gloomy UK winter looming – and you are off an unbelievable journey….Looking forward to hearing the news……Stuey

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