Wed 17 – Bernice spends the morning in the laundrette trying to multi-task with the provisions list but meets Fiona and goes for a coffee, then Ralf and another coffee. So not as much sorting out as we’d like. Huw, with Paul and Adam work on boat jobs while Will goes off to work. Then we set off to “el corte ingles” to order our meat and fish for the trip – these guys cut fresh to order as many pieces and size of meat you want then vac pac and freeze for you! A godsend on a boat! It’s got to last us up to 5 weeks!!!!
Thurs 18 – We are both up early 8am, sorting out bulk of final provisioning, Paul is not far behind us but busies himself about the boat. Adam and Will were pretty late back from the fancy dress party so we agreed to leave them till 10, they get up by themselves around 9 to everyones surprise even theirs, so we have plenty time to confer on our lists before Will goes to work around 11. With it all done Paul, Adam, And us guys head up to “el corte ingles” to trolley up our order. After a mammoth 2-3 hours we get just about everything on our lists but we’re all a bit nervous about how much it’s all going to cost, we still have no idea about the meat costs from yesterday…. After what seems like an eternity and when all is securely packed ready for delivery tonight (if we’re lucky!!!) we get the bad news – no way near as bad as we anticipated, €1415 to feed 5 hearty sailors for 5 weeks! We still have to get some fresh fruit & veg when we stop in Cape Verde but that will be minimal. So great result. That and fuel costs at the other end our budget is not in tatters thank goodness.

Fri 19 – up early as we’re on fuel dock, and ready to fuel up when Don Pedro arrives as we know he’ll want us to move. I decide to decamp to the laundrette to get a final washing in for us all and the boys take the boat back to the anchorage. Probably a day of chores today, getting the boat ready to leave in the morning.

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  1. hi you too we are all really impressed with your blog page glad you are having a great time we all going to spain on friday so quite excited about it hope to hear from you soon can you let me know you got this message ok and i will write you again love from us all

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