Quick turn around

Back at Puerto Natales we have lots of jobs to get done before getting in the boat tomorrow. The 1st most important job was to collect our laundry and check we could get another load done before leaving tomorrow – we do this as we get off the bus.

Next is the long awaited shower and clean clothes. Aahhhhh nice.
We return to the laundrette on the way to the shops to buy supplies for tonights dinner. We plan steak, potatoes and salad/vegetables and end up with ribeye with roasted vegetables.

It just takes us a little longer to get cooking than we’d like. Bernice is nearly asleep before the food is ready. Matt and Kirsty join us and it’s a successful team effort, they were going to eat out but changed their mind. Dinner washed down with some local wine, really yummy.
If it wasn’t for brekkie being so good we certainly would have slept in making the most of the comfy beds we’d deprived ourselves of. Funny, we were all sure we didn’t want porridge for brekkie but when it came to it we didn’t have the heart to refuse and it still tasted great – Susan tops her porridge with a homemade concoction of nuts and stuff which make it nice and crunchy.

Best laid plans yet again…. The wifi goes down, Susan forgot to pay it oops! It means we’re going to struggle to get our online jobs done today….

It all becomes a bit of a rush in the end we’re not sure why!
Trying to get a fax sent off (student loan chasing Bernice) proves a challenge and yet another pack of souvenirs get posted. Meeting Matt and Kirsty for a farewell lunch is a great plan, we all visit the steak sandwich place we each visited on our arrival, it was really yummy. Afterwards we swap photo’s with them and before we know it it’s time to say goodbye.

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