Real Chips

We were warned the power was going to be down today, in the whole town, till 1300. When we´re packed up we wander into town in the hope the bus companies can still issue tickets and we can book our overnight bus to our next destination – Valparaiso. We´re in luck and seem to have secured the last two seats together.

Bernice also seems to have developed a cold and it’s not letting up, she thought it was hayfever at first. For lunch we find a great burger joint called “Volcanburger” and they even have hot salsa as we know it, and real chips.

The rest of the day is spent lazing about in the hostel garden chatting to fellow backpackers – Fiona, Carly, and Leia. At some point the owners start filling the pool and as we´d read in the reviews the dogs jumped right in there…

Our bus leaves at 2030, Chris wasn´t sure what he was doing but has since bought a ticket to Valparaiso too, on a bus leaving an hour after us. Dan is staying another night or so to catch up with Peter. We´d asked about food this time and were told we´d only get brekkie in the morning so we should sort our own dinner out. As we had such a lovely big lunch at the burger place we just made some sandwiches up to eat before boarding. As it turned out we got two boxes on the bus. One in the evening – a juice, some salted nibbles and a packet of hose pink wafer biscuits you used get as a kid – and one for brekkie – a juice and some pink biscuits. Not sure why they bothered the box-packaging would have cost more than the contents they gave us.

We probably weren´t very popular on the bus as Bernice was sneezing and coughing all though the night.

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