Red Red Wine

Laundry is our first job this morning and then with Angie we all go out to buy picnic supplies for tonight. The kids are at school and are having a baby sitter tonight while we have an adults night out, at the local winery. It’s bring your own food and buy their wine, a once a month event with live music. A group of us are meeting there, arranged by one of Angie’s neighbours, Michelle. Should be fun! While out buying supplies we also get Dan’s car washed as it’s pretty mucky from our trip to the park.

As the rugby (England v Scotland) is on tonight we decide that’ll be a good end to the evening. the down side is the game isn’t till 0030 local, and is pay per view becuase it’s not an American game! We keep it as a surprise for Dan. The visit to the winery is great fun. The wine is good and before long we’re all up grooving to 80’s tunes. Nice!

There’s some compulsory photo’s taken, for which Angie later claims she wasn’t properly briefed (Lancaster bomber) just to show everyone the Waddington’s aren’t the only mad Brits to be found! The whole event is only on between 5-10 which works out just fine for the baby-sitting arrangements and the rugby. Back at home Angie is able to relax and have a drink while we wait on it coming on, she was duty-driver. Not that it is worth the wait, Dan turns in at half time, Bernice falls asleep on the sofa and try as she might Angie snaps and goes to bed too before it finishes. Leaving Huw to watch the end of a thoroughly exasperating game on his own.

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