Red tape

Richard still has the car from yesterday as he needs to go back to the airport today and pick up a parcel. He tried already and only managed to collect the paperwork that will allow him to collect the parcel. You’d think it would be easy, well ok not real easy but not super difficult like it turns out anyway.

We combine the trip with looking for the village (he knows it’s out of town somewhere) where we can get out European gas bottles re-filled. Sensible yes but again more complicated than it needs to be.

Brekkie and a little unpacking done we set off, via the yacht club to see if we can get some more exact directions for the gas place. People either don’t know or won’t tell. Yep you heard right. There’s a guy here who makes a weekly run and goes for all the long-stayers. They don’t know where it is cause they don’t need to. He knows where it is but won’t tell us for fear we ruin his little lucrative side line for him. The taxi drivers will take us but they’ll charge us a fortune.

Richard asks on the net (a daily radio broadcast by the yachties for the yachties, info sharing, questions raised and answered etc) but again no one really knows, although he does manage to acquire bottles from two other yachts to fill up when we do find it though. The best we can manage was the name of the village which is at least a start. We go there 1st and just stop and ask in the police station. The place is an actual fuel depot where they have conveyor belts full of gas bottles they are filling up. They just grab ours, take them to an empty rack and start filling them. Easy.

The airport on the other hand is just silly. At least Richard knew where to go as a result of previous efforts. We get let in the compound, drive around to the nondescript building that is UPS to discover it is shut for lunch. This is a multi-national company and it’s just 1205. We are miles out the back of the airport too, at the freight depot. There’s only one answer to it, have lunch ourselves.

2nd attempt. Go to UPS building with forms, go to different building for photocopies, go back to UPS building. Man comes with us to different office to get paperwork stamped to release package. Back to UPS building to pick up parcel. Back to 3rd building to show parcel and get permission to take away. Get customs official accompany us back to Marina customs office to stamp yet more paperwork. Customs official leaves in a taxi, we get stopped at dinghy dock and asked for paperwork and why we ate not accompanied by customs official!!!!
Nightmare!!! These two jobs take us all day! PS this was all supposedly to ensure we were actually taking it to the boat and not just re-selling it in town. We are talking two specialist filters for the onboard water makers!!!

When we have sufficiently recovered we head down to the yacht club again, as no one is in the mood for cooking and Richard wants to catch up with some friends. Oh and get Huw to look at his laptop and sat phone connections.

We meet Jack (Dutch) Sally and Don (kiwi’s) and after a short stint of trying to fix sat connection we join them for food and chat.

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