REI-lly impressed!

We book some accommodation in NY, well New Jersey actually – across the Hudson from Manhattan in North Bergen. We’ve tried to line up couch-surfing but without success so far and so snapped this morning and book two nights through Airbnb.

Then while Dan and Ang cracked on with their garden we borrow Dan’s car again, this time for a quick trip to  REI, where we have huge success with our failed airbeds – a full refund, yeah! No point considering a swap for new ones, because with both going so quickly, the fabric is obviously not up to the job, especially as we were using them on top of ordinary roll mats, not instead of!

Celebrations were had by way of GnT time in the garden when we return 🙂 joined by Dan and Angie’s friends from the area that we met at the winery.

It’s a sad day as it’s the start of our Waddington goodbyes. We won’t see Dan in the morning and he’s unlikely to be back from work before we leave for the airport 🙁

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