Retail, Reminisce, and Rugby

We plan to take it easy today, so we can save our energy for tonight. We plan to stay up to watch the rugby – England v France – which isn’t on until 0330 local time. Huw has done some homework and found a pub option that’s definitely going to be open and showing it. This plan unravels slightly when we, spur of the moment like, agree to go to the “Jersey Gardens Mall” with Celine and Alexandra. An hours journey there and back and a traipse around the shops isn’t quite the recipe for an easy going day…

But hey ho, if we work at it we can have an afternoon nap. Can’t we? Hhmmm, well you’d have thought so, but we just miss a bus then have to wait an hour for the next one, it’s almost lunchtime when we get there, so part way round we all meet up again and take in a diner for lunch. On the up side we don’t actually spend too much money, Bernice buys a duffle coat – ever worried we’re going to arrive home to a blizzard. We leave the girls to continue shopping and head back to the bnb, there’s a plan in place to meet up later for the rugby :-), taking our own French fans with us … now that’s maybe a bit cocky or just a tad stupid … time will tell 🙂

Back at the house, the shower is now fixed in the upstairs bathroom, hurray! So much for our nap though, by the time we get back and take showers its pretty much time to head out again. Firstly we’re meeting David (an old friend of Bernice’s from her Glasgow Uni days) for dinner together with his wife and daughter.  Should be fun 🙂

It’s around 7pm when we all meet up, just a short walk from Time Square on the edge of “Korea Town”. They have a restaurant in mind and after all the introductions, we head there, with Emma – David’s daughter – chatting all the way, with true Scottish heritage she’s not at all shy 🙂  It turns out the restaurant (ouch, can’t remember the name of it) is a favourite of their’s and they are well known by the staff. There’s a bit of a wait but well worth it. Jean – David’s wife – is nominated to order for us all, get a selection of dishes for us all to try. We’ve never had authentic Korean food before, or any Korean food for that matter, so it’s great to have someone in the know recommend and select for us.

It’s well worth the wait, the food is great and we have a brilliant catch up on what’s been happening since we last saw each other – probably in Motherwell back in 1990-91 ouch!!! No one’s really to blame as such, David’s been the US most of that time, on the West coast, and neither of us have visited Scotland very much either, never mind at the same time.  Just shows you how time flies, and stays still – it was like we’d only chatted last week.

We have a lovely evening and it feels quite short but we all promise to keep in touch and not leave it so long next time! On leaving the restaurant, Jean takes Emma off to bed and David joins us for a further beer. We find a decent pub that he knows of with a huge selection of craft beers, then we manage to persuade him to come along to the rugby bar, just for one, where we meet Celine. She’s been sat at the bar a wee while on her own, Alexandra wasn’t up for it in the end.

David does have self control, well done him, and he heads off after his ‘one’. What’s the interest for him anyhow? England v France, he’s Scottish?!

The bar is surprisingly full, the Irish/Welsh game is on when we arrive and a lot do stay on for the England game. We’re told they’ll stop serving beer at 0400, but it doesn’t turn out that way, they continue serving throughout the game, which provides a messy end to the night.

What a rubbish result! Least one of us is happy – Celine is ecstatic, more so probably as she’s surrounded by English in the bar, who can blame her! A vague walk back to the bus station and a chicken bus home, it’s been a very long day, shame it didn’t have the right end to it 🙁

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