Return of the Las Palmas 7

We arrived nice and safe into Las Palmas during a beautiful sunrise on Friday morning…to the back drop of Madness of course!

After a celebratory Arehucas (Canarian rum) and coke or two, refuelling and a bit of boat cleaning it was all ashore to the Sailor Bar – – for tapas and cervesas 😉 in attendance was Matt skipper of Snow Wolf who lives in Pangbourne and who we have been exchanging emails with for the last view weeks re crewing to the Canaries – we are reminded how small the yachting world is!!

The plan was to for the crews of all three boats to all meet up in the evening for a final get together pizza – but apart from Em it seems none of Great Escape could be bothered!!! Ah well, their loss as we had a great meal followed by mucho gin y tonic %-) … which may or may not have been the reason for Bernice losing one of her sandals into the Marina on returning to Skyelark. What is certain is that neither of us were worse than the wreckage that was Trev & John who surfaced the following afternoon with the worlds worst hangovers or all of the crew from Snow Wolf ~ Connor wearing shorts and staggering so much that we couldn’t get onto the club (although my ripped t shirt wasn’t all that popular! – it wasn’t the Turtle lets face it!), Sue who we escorted back to the boat and Matt who apparently spent couple of hours sleeping on a bed in the club but to be fair it serves them right for putting beds in there in the first place!!

For those who made it up the next morning, Bernice kindly went for a walk and brought back rolls which she combined with eggs and bacon ‘borrowed’ from Great Escape for brekkie.

After doing some laundry we decided that we then deserved a break from the boat and found a Late Rooms deal for a couple of nights in a hotel at a price not much more than the hostel … great spread for breakfast but probably not really in the backpacking tradition – breaking ourselves in gently :-$

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