Reunion I, part ii, Squamish, BC

So saying goodbye to the Hogg family and also to Vancouver Island we set off for the ferry port hoping to get on the 1045. Alas again we are only about 8 cars from getting on when they announce that it’s full πŸ™

Bottom! We have to wait till 1250 for the next one. Which means not getting to Conny till nearly 1500. Oh well guess it means we have some time to chill and sort blog and photo’s.

When we arrive Conny right away suggests going rafting. And there was us thinking we were too late to do anything crazy. πŸ˜‰

After organising some kit and driving to the finish, we park up our car, hide the key and drive further on up the river. The ride is about 7km and there’s quite a few rapids and eddies to steer through. In a canoe or kayak they would be pretty challenging, but it’s amazing how easily our big old raft handles them. Conny is at the back steering and we take up central positions on either side.

It’s truly great fun and once we get the hang of each others strength we steer her pretty well. Conny tries to take a piccie of us kissing going over some rapids but we don’t quite make the shot πŸ™‚

When we get down stream to where our car is Huw deflates the raft while Bernice drives Conny most of the way back to his car – can’t go all the way as the road is all pitted, so he walks the last wee bit.

Once back at his house and unpacked we nip out for supplies for dinner and offer to cook this while Conny sorts all his kit out. He’s off on a weekend expedition to a nearby mountain with a couple of pals, to lay a new climbing route. They’re being dropped in by helicopter and camping in the snow probably, till Monday when the helicopter returns to pick them up. This isn’t work this is for fun!! It’ll lead to work all the same but the cost just now is all out of their own pocket.

The evening is spent with us swapping photos from the Cascades trip and today as well as Conny and his pals – Jamie and Marshall – packing up their gear for the morning.

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