Reunion IV, part i, Bowen Island, BC

Up nice and early, 0730, to say our farewells and goodlucks to the lads – their helicopter ride is scheduled for 0830. Lots of coffee and last minute checks, they pack the car and we bid them farewell. Then we turn our attention to sorting some photos, packing and showering. Conny offered for us to take his bikes out but the mention of nuisance Cougars was kinda off-putting. Thanks anyway. Next time eh πŸ™‚

On the move again and with the opportunity to see another Island on the area we re-trace our steps back to the ferry port, this time for Bowen Island where Josh lives. We met Josh on the muddy bus trip and again in Sucre, Bolivia. He and Elise got back from their travels a few weeks ago.

The ferry we’re aiming for leaves at 1215, these ones run hourly so hopefully it’s easier to get on the one you want. Fingers crossed. As I write the traffic comes to a halt and we find ourselves in a trafficjam. No obvious reason why. But what is obvious is it’ll defo put a stop to us catching the ferry. Rse!

We’re not having much luck with ferries, maybe we should just be giving them up!! So the reason for the traffic – rubber-necking!!! Same old the world over!!!

On the upside missing the ferry means we can look around Horseshoe Bay, you park you’re car in the ferry line and then are free to wander into town πŸ™‚ it’s quite cute. We grab a some lunch and watch the world go by.

Bowen Island is lovely, just as everyones been telling us. When we arrive we look for a liquor store (you can only buy alcohol in an alcohol shop here) can’t go visiting again without a bottle. We also ask about a petrol station (well technically we ask about the whereabouts of a gas station) and are just about to give up on the directions when we remember we were told it wouldn’t look like one. Sure enough it’s just a hut and an above ground tank. It’s more expensive than the mainland as we guessed it would be, but hurrying to catch the ferry we ignored it then forgot when we knew we’d missed it and would have time to fill up.

Well, well, well. Josh has been hiding a gem. It’s easy to see why he’s happy to have moved back home since he got back from travelling till he finds a job. The house, location and view of his parents house (Bill and Susan) would take anyones breath away. It is built over the beach, in a sheltered cove looking out to neighbouring islands and the mainland. It used to be tea rooms back when it was built in 1910, and they took hold of it and renovated it back in the 90’s, using it as a holiday home till recently, now it’s their full time residence.

We chat for a bit and then join their daily ritual of going down onto the beach with GnT’s and a swim. We meet Josh’s grandparents Daphne and Jim (they live next door and share the beach) and his aunt Alison and her family who are over for the weekend from Vancouver Island, John, Victoria and Duncan. There’s a huge tree trunk washed up on their beach and along with Josh and the kids we get to work on trying to drag it out of the bay and around the corner where hopefully the tide will take it on it’s way. It’s a mammoth task and involves tying it onto a rowing boat and rowing it out as it’s so big and hefty it won’t float.

Quite worn out we all head back up to the verandah and Josh sets about making dinner on the BBQ while his mum and dad prepare the food. We just take in the breathtaking view and chat πŸ™‚ and pretty much that’s how the day ends. Stargazing and listening to the waves lapping the shore below. Ah nice.

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