Reunion IV, part ii, North Vancouver

We have a brekkie date at 1000 with Josh’s grandad for poached eggs on toast. Yummy!!!

His cousin Victoria is 16 in a week or so and there’s a wee birthday cake so everyone can sing happy birthday to her. With a difference! They have a ritual that involves everyone singing happy birthday as out of tune as possible and at the top of their voice till the recipient blows out the candles!!!! Madness ensues! 🙂

Josh’s grandparents house is facing a slightly different direction and has views around the corner and way down the inlet. Fantastic but very different :-).

After poached eggs Victoria and her brother Duncan show us some card tricks while the others finish eating, then it’s farewells all round as we set off with Josh for the ferry and head over to North Vancouver to see Elise.

On the way to her house we drive to a view point, which is near the top of Cypress Hill, it was used in the Winter Olympics last year. It’s a bit hazy but clear enough to get an idea of the scale of the city.

At Elise’s house we are able to blag some laundry doing. We couldn’t really ask at Josh’s as their water supply comes from a dam that is really low right now. So much so that they’re buying drinking water and rationing the use of what they have got left.

Washing in the machine we all head out for a sushi lunch. Apparently we can’t leave Vancouver till we’ve had sushi – it’s to them what chicken tikka massala is to us!!

Then it’s back to the garden where we while away the afternoon chatting and playing with Mojo and Quitar (think that’s how it’s spelt!) Elise’s border collies, until her parents Brenda and Bruce return from their day out. another great BBQ with homemade burgers, slaw and tattie salad. Yum yum!!!

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