Reunion V, part ii, Glenwood Springs, CO (part i was with Nick in Ft Collins)

We get up to say goodbye to Karyn, Ben, and Max – Andrew is long gone, we said our goodbyes last night. It’s only going to be less than a year till we see them again, they’ll be in the UK for the Olympics šŸ™‚ Huw walks Ben to the school bus stop as Karyn packs the last of Max’s things and then its hugs all round.

We are off to Glenwood Springs today, about 3-4 hours south west of here to see Tim. Tim we met on the Salkantay trek to Macchu Picchu, he’s Nick’s dad. We don’t know where or when we’re meeting as yet cause we only just realised last night we don’t have an address or phone number. Doh! We sent a message and are still waiting to hear back, which is ok cause we want to do a final washing and get some photo’s organised before we set off.

Mid-morning we realise we have a number to call and we try but without success. We reckon we should just get to GS and then call again if/when we are ready to go and still can’t contact him.

As it is Bernice has a further power nap while Huw sorts through the photo’s and then a little more awake she gets cracking on with sorting lunch and packing as the washing has finished. Then just as we’re ready to go we get to chat with Tim, hurrah, and make a plan to call again when we arrive in town, finding our way to the hospital where he works.

Literaly as we get in the car it starts raining! šŸ™ Over the mountains the weather is horrid, the rain is heavy and constant. We make a brief stop in Vail, just to acknowledge we’ve been and to swap drivers.

Arriving in Glenwood around 5ish we stop in at Safeway as it’s just around the corner from the hospital and we expect it to have wifi to contact Tim. It’s the first Safeway we’ve been in that hasn’t but all is not lost as there’s a payphone nearby. We meet up with Tim about 20 minutes later and follow him to his place – he calls it ” the cave” – he has just moved jobs and is renting a place while he sorts something out more permanent and his wife Lois finishes work, enabling them to move totally from Gunnison to Glenwood. Tim’s landlords Mike and Ruth are really nice and they offer us their yurt that just happens to be in the garden unoccupied! Nice one! Saves Tim giving up his bed which he was quite insistent on doing šŸ™‚

That all sorted we head down into town to grab some food and catch up. We only planned to stay one night as Tim has work and we still have loads to squeeze in. But as the weather has been awful today and supposed to be better tomorrow we make a plan to stay for another day and go rafting tomorrow afternoon – like Conny, Tim has his own raft and we are right by the river. It should be fun as the canyon we drove through was spectacular, doing that in a raft will be amazing! How lucky are we?!!

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